Welcome to National Postcard Week! Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields

Let’s kick off National Postcard Week with one of our favorite postcard-themed stamp releases: Baseball’s Legendary Playing Fields.

Issued in 2001, these stamps honored 10 beloved ballparks, where fans thrilled to some of the finest moments in Major League Baseball. The individual character of each field has made for some of the game’s most memorable and unexpected plays. The fields featured on this pane are: Crosley Field, Cincinnati; Ebbets Field, Brooklyn; Comiskey Park, Chicago; Forbes Field, Pittsburgh; Polo Grounds, New York City; Shibe Park, Philadelphia; Yankee Stadium, New York City; Wrigley Field, Chicago; Fenway Park, Boston; and Tiger Stadium, Detroit. Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis is featured on the header.

Although only four of these fields still exist, for baseball fans everywhere they are shrines to America’s national pastime—places where history, tradition, and legend all intersect in chalk lines on the grass.

So why did we decide to start National Postcard Week with these stamps? Look closely. The art for each of these stamps comes from replicas of vintage postcards!

Here’s a closer look at the Forbes Field stamp:

And here’s the postcard on which it was based:

Art director Phil Jordan hit upon the idea of basing stamps on postcards quite by accident while looking through a book on baseball memorabilia. In the book he saw a replica postcard of Shibe Stadium, circa 1915. “It struck me that maybe we could do the stamps by showing old postcards,” Jordan said. What a great idea!

Can you think of any other stamps adapted from postcards?

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