Is it Twilight Zone Day where you are?

It’s Twilight Zone Day, and no, we don’t know why, either. But let’s celebrate!

The Twilight Zone, a thought-provoking anthology series focused on the imaginary and the bizarre, began in a half-hour time slot in 1959 and ran for several seasons, ultimately expanding to a full hour. Its creator, a prolific young playwright named Rod Serling (pictured in the stamp art), served as the show’s narrator and wrote many episodes.

This intelligent series cautioned viewers not to be too sure of anything. The best scripts for The Twilight Zone dealt with the shadowy area of the almost-but-not-quite, the unbelievable told in terms that could be believed. Time travel was a frequent subject and so was contact with aliens from outer space. The contest between humanity and technology was another characteristic theme.

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The Twilight Zone stamp was issued in 2009 as one of 20 stamps on the Early TV Memories stamp pane. The stamps are no longer available, but you can still get the stamped cards, a perfect way to wrap up National Postcard Week!

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