Ted Williams’s “Measured” Approach

Ted Williams, one of the four players who will appear on the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Stars stamps, wasn’t just a great hitter. He meticulously honed his craft—by employing a tool used at Post Offices across the United States. As author George Will reveals in his book Bunts:

“Williams used a postal scale in the clubhouse to make sure humidity had not increased the weight of his bats. An official of the Louisville Slugger company once challenged Williams to pick the one bat among six that weighed half an ounce more than the other five. He did. He once sent back to the factory a shipment of bats because he sensed that the handles were too thick. They were, by .005 of an inch.”

The Major League Baseball All-Stars stamps will be issued July 20 at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. A separate ceremony for the Ted Williams stamp will take place July 21 in Boston. Want to pre-order your stamps? Visit The Postal Store!

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