Inspire Your Students With New School Days & American Ways Calendar

For generations, stamp collectors have understood the historical and cultural connections stamps have with the pulse of America, which makes them wonderful teaching tools. Each stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service is a snapshot in time, capturing interesting bits of Americana throughout our history.

With our 2012–2013 School Days & American Ways Calendar, educators can inspire their students to learn about our country through stamps. Our poster-sized calendars include monthly themes that correspond with primary-grade curricula in history, geography, science, and language arts. Important dates and relevant postage stamp images are added throughout the months to help connect individual stamps to classroom subjects.

The 28-page Teaching Guide will help you coordinate these monthly themes into well-rounded lesson plans. The guide includes ideas for interactive learning activities that will help engage students, such as journaling, small group work, art projects, games, and class discussions.

Stamps make wonderful teaching tools that can help spark curiosity in young learners. You can learn more about all of our instructional products online at the Postal Store.