Our Favorite Links of the Week: Mail Art Edition

We’ve seen some amazing mail art in our time, and since the Internet makes it so easy to spread the love of letter-, envelope-, and postcard-based illustrations, we’re sharing some of our favorite sites and blogs that celebrate one of our favorite kinds of art!

Postmarked 2012 exhibits and then auctions off beautifully illustrated envelopes and letters from artists around the world. The proceeds benefit the Prison Library Project, which provides books and other educational material to prisons around the U.S. Submissions for this year’s auction will be accepted through the end of the month.

Serving as a repository for mail art competitions, exhibitions, and symposiums, Mail Art Project provides a forum for mail art enthusiasts to get involved in current projects around the world.

Mail Art Postcard Exhibition posts user-submitted photos of artfully decorated postcards that have been sent through the post.

With two exhibitions, two books, and more than 1,300 pieces of mail, Mail Me Art has brought together a diverse array of amateur and professional illustrators whose medium of choice is mail.

Are you a mail artist? We’d love to see some of your work! Share your art with us on Facebook, Twitter, or by email at uspsstamps [at] gmail [dot] com.