Favorite Links of the Week: An Earthscapes Roundup

The Earthscapes stamps may not be released until October 1, but the Interwebs are already abuzz with excitement about them. The stamps, you might remember, feature 15 different bird’s-eye views of the United States, with subjects ranging from natural wonders and agricultural fields to urban (and suburban) life.

The new set will be released Monday at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. In addition to officials from NASA and USPS, Virginia-based photographer Cameron Davidson will be at the ceremony. Cameron’s photograph of Maryland’s Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is featured on the stamp pane. “I’m always drawn to curvy patterns I see in marshes,” he told the Washington Post this week. “The Blackwater—I keep going back to it.”

Some of our other favorite Earthscapes-related links include:

  • A positive identification of the actual highways in Miami, Florida, shown on the “Highway interchange” stamp. (Do you know which ones they are?)

Judging from all this excitement, it looks as if National Stamp Collecting Month, which kicks off Monday, will start with a bang! Did we miss your favorite link of the week? Tell us about it in the comments.

Also, a special shout out this week to Instagram user @panggoy, who decorated his cell phone case with the Lady Liberty and U.S. Flag stamps. Awesome.