Do You Know About Postcrossing?

If you’re at all tuned in to the stamp-loving and letter-writing communities across the web, chances are you’ve heard of Postcrossing. Launched in 2005 by people who delight in checking the mailbox (not the inbox) every day, this postal-based project connects people from all over the world through the exchange of postcards.

The premise is simple: Create a profile, request an address to which you’d like to mail a postcard, send it, and wait for one to come to you, all for (almost) free—you do have to pay for postage! (For the visually-minded, this video demonstrates the process, set to philatelic music.) The best part is, you never know what you’re going to find in your mailbox.

Because it’s an international exchange, users can receive a wide variety of stamps, postcards, and even mail art. Many Postcrossers upload images of their unique pieces to Postcrossing’s Flickr page as a visual component to the shared communication. Some are truly amazing!

Since the project’s inception, Postcrossers have sent more than 13 million postcards to addresses around the globe. And it isn’t just mail fans participating. The State Journal reported that several homeschool communities use Postcrossing as an alternative method for teaching geography and history. Letters and stamps can be fun and educational!

Have you ever participated in Postcrossing? If you were to send a postcard to an unknown recipient, what would you write? What kind of postcard would you send? Which stamp(s) would you use? Tell us your stories in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Do You Know About Postcrossing?

  1. I am a member of the Postcrossing community! I discovered it last winter while partaking in I have written postcards to China, Taiwan, Ukraine, United States, Finland, Germany, Spain, Belarus, Russia and so forth. I usually write about where I live in Central New York State. How beautiful it is here and close to the magnificent Finger Lakes wine region. Fall color is also amazing in New York and with its many lakes, rivers and State Parks it is an outdoor playground. If you haven’t tried Postcrossing I suggest you give it a try. It definitely brings happiness to your mailbox and it makes those bills easier to swallow.

  2. I joined postcrossing earlier this year. I like to send cards with my state or city name on it. I usually write a little blurb about what I’m doing that day or comment on the receiver’s profile. It is also fun to locate new sources for purchasing cards and selecting something the receiver will hopefully enjoy. Love the stamps, too.

  3. I am also a Postcrosser! I usually write something funny about my day or something funny my kids say. Some people ask you to write something specific (like to share a favorite quote) and I try to please them. Choosing a card to match the request is part of the joy, and I especially love it when my cards are received and “favorited” by the recipient. It’s a relaxing hobby without the commitment of a pen pal. I know I’d feel guilty about not writing my letters all the time, but there is no guilt in taking a few weeks off from Postcrossing.

  4. I have been on Postcrossing for about 3 years and have send and received over 800 postcards.
    I think it’s a fabulous thing to do!!

  5. I LOVE postcrossing! It is so much fun to receive the cards and read the comments from my New friends!!

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