Special Bethlehem Postmark Now Available

To mark the start of the holiday season, the Post Office in Bethlehem, Kentucky, is once again offering a special postmark, available for 45 days beginning Nov. 16. To obtain the postmark, place stamped, addressed envelopes inside a larger envelope and mail them to:

PO Box 9998
Bethlehem KY 40007-9998

The Bethlehem Post Office has been offering a special cancellation during the holidays since 1947. “The pictorial postmark stamped alongside the Holy Family Forever stamp will be a great addition to 2012 greeting cards,” says Postmaster Susan Leopold. “We are proud that both the stamp and postmark will decorate thousands of cards during the holiday season.”

USPS expects to deliver approximately 17 billion cards and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Bethlehem Post Office expects to postmark around 50,000 cards with the town name.

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