Postmarks for Those in Love & Those Who Aren’t


The Sealed with Love (Forever®) stamp is now available online and in Post Offices nationwide. Click the image for more info.

Love is in the air. Or, is it? The U.S. Postal Service is recognizing Valentine’s Day this year by giving those madly in love a way to add an extra “I love you” to their greeting card envelopes and giving those who aren’t in a heart-shaped relationship, a way to express their feelings in a, well, civilized manner.

For those wanting to add an extra sentiment to their greeting cards, simply address the card to that special person, affix a First-Class Mail postage stamp, and put the card into a larger envelope, also with postage. Address the larger envelope to VALENTINE’S DAY POSTMARK, POSTMASTER, and then add any of the locations listed below to get that town’s postmark:

7815 BEAUTY RD BEAUTY KY 41203-9998
6664 ROUTE 362 BLISS NY 14024-9998
200 W MAIN ST HARTSVILLE TN 37074-9998
446 E 29TH ST LOVELAND CO 80538-9998
1423 RIVER FRONT RD LOVELY KY 41231-9998
239 N HALL ST VALENTINE NE 69201-9998

There is a special joint postmark between Juliette, GA, and Romeo, MI. Requests for this postmark can be sent to: ROMEO AND JULIETTE VALENTINE CANCELLATION, POSTMASTER, at 356 BOWDOIN RD, JULIETTE GA, 31046-9998 OR 119 CHURCH ST, ROMEO MI, 48065-9998.

For those not quite feeling the love this Valentine’s Day, we have a way for you to express your intentions as well. Follow the instructions above and send greetings to the locations below to receive that town’s postmark:

1701 S MAIN ST BROKEN ARROW OK 74012-9998
1701 EL NIDO DIABLO CA 94528-9998
665 6TH ST SOUR LAKE TX 77659-9998
3701 US 52 HWY COWARD SC 29530-9998

In order to make sure your greeting cards receive the special postmark and are delivered in time for Valentine’s Day, requests should be sent to the cities above by Feb. 5.

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