New Set of 12 Stamps Honors America’s 20th-Century Workers

We are pleased to reveal this morning that, later this year, USPS will issue Made in America: Building a Nation, a sheet of 12 stamps honoring the men and women who helped build our country. Eleven of the 12 stamp images were taken by photographer Lewis Hine, a chronicler of early 20th-century industry.

MadeInAmerica-Forever-Block12-BGv1In the top row, from left to right are: an airplane maker, a derrick man on the Empire State Building, a millinery apprentice, and a man on a hoisting ball on the Empire State Building.

In the middle row, from left to right are: a linotyper in a publishing house, a welder on the Empire State Building, a coal miner, and riveters on the Empire State Building. (The coal miner stamp is the only one of the 12 that does not feature a Hine photograph. The image is from the Kansas Historical Society.)

In the bottom row, from left to right are: a powerhouse mechanic, a railroad track walker, a textile worker, and a man guiding a beam on the Empire State Building.

Five different stamp sheets will be available. Each one will contain the same stamps, but will be anchored by a different selvage photograph. Three of the five selvage photographs were taken by Hine. The Hine images include two Empire State Building iron workers and a General Electric worker measuring the bearings in a casting.

MadeInAmerica-Forever-Panes-v4MadeInAmerica-Forever-Panes-v4MadeInAmerica-Forever-Panes-v4The fourth selvage photograph is the same image of the coal miner that appears in the stamp pane.

MadeinAmerica-Pane-CoalMiner-BG-v1The final selvage photograph, taken by Margaret Bourke-White, depicts a female welder.

MadeInAmerica-Forever-Panes-v4The Made in America: Building a Nation stamps will be issued as Forever® stamps in sheets of 12 self-adhesive stamps. (Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate.) A release date has not yet been set.

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The Postal Service™ is proud of its role in portraying the American experience to a world audience through the issuance of postage stamps and postal stationery. Each year the Postal Service issues commemorative stamps reflecting subjects of national significance and appeal. More than 160 years of stamp development has yielded an incredible archive of imagery and commentary reflecting American culture and society. Even in this fast-changing world, stamps are still a versatile and convenient method of postage. And stamp collecting is a lifetime hobby that is fun and educational for all ages. Stamp collecting is easy to start without a big investment. It is also a great way to learn about the world and its many wonders, opening the door to an exciting universe of history, science, geography, the arts, technology, and sports. Our mission is to provide universal service that is prompt, reliable, efficient, affordable, and self-sustaining. Throughout its history the Postal Service has grown with the nation, binding it together by ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has the same ability to communicate regardless of technological change.

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  1. I love the Made In America Building A Nation stamps and will use them on all my mail as soon as they are available. Thank you for offering such appropriate stamps for the re-building of the American economy and way of life.

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