A Brief History of Cherry Blossoms on Stamps

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The gorgeous 2012 Cherry Blossom Centennial (Forever®) stamps aren’t the first to have featured the distinctive springtime attraction of our nation’s capital. Here’s a quick look at a few other stamps that depict the beautiful pink blooms.

In 2012, USPS issued a sheet of Forever® stamps honoring First Lady Lady Bird Johnson and her efforts to beautify America. “Plant for a more Beautiful America,” the center stamp, depicts the Jefferson Memorial seen through branches of flowering cherry blossoms. This stamp, originally issued in the 1960s, was adapted in 2012 for printing in offset lithography by artist Paloma Alcalá.

Blossom-Forever-single-BGv1In 2008, as part of the Flags of Our Nation series, cherry blossoms appeared on the District of Columbia 42-cent stamp. The illustration, by Tom Engeman, showcased the D.C. flag, which was inspired by George Washington’s family coat of arms and features two red bars and three stars.

11-DC42-single-BGv1In 2003, USPS celebrated District of Columbia with a 37-cent stamp. The stamp is shaped like a diamond, as was the original 100-square-mile tract of land chosen to be the permanent site of the nation’s capital. Cherry blossoms fill the bottom quadrant of the stamp.

USPS03STA026DAnd in 1989, a 15-cent postcard featuring the Jefferson Memorial hit Post Offices across the United States. The postcard image features the Tidal Basin landmark framed by cherry blossoms.

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