Q + A With Deer Stamped Card Artist Cathie Bleck

Artist Cathie Bleck created the striking illustration featured on the 2013 Deer (Forever®) stamped card. We recently caught up with Bleck, who filled us in about her artistic process.

How did you first get involved with the Postal Service?

My first project was in 2007. I created the Pineapple stamped card working with art director Ethel Kessler.

Did you like working on the Deer stamped card? And what made it interesting to you?

It was not a favored subject at first foDeer-2013-Forever-envelope-TC-BGv1r the U.S. Postal Service as there was concern that people perceive deer to be pests. I have always loved the elegant prance of deer, however, and their posturing. When they are native to where you live, they become like an old friend peering through the woods. They are probably one of the most native animals to our country and resilient—coming back from low populations and then resurging. Beauty is a very powerful thing, however, so I persisted and the prance won over. How majestic the deer is, and how often we encounter her stance that lifts the spirit.

What was your inspiration for the art? (Did you look at lots of photographs of deer?) 

I rarely look at photos, usually I look inside my personal sketchbooks filled with flora and fauna and animals that I adore. I also love to look at other artists’ portrayals on the subject, especially the sculptor Paul Manship.

From start to finish, was it a fairly quick project?

I like to tell people each piece takes me 30 years of knowledge as a working artist in order to master the perfect line.

Do you enjoy illustrating wildlife?

It is my favorite subject, and developing a mythology around wild animals is even more intriguing to me.

The Deer Forever® stamped card was issued March 8, and it is available now online and in Post Offices around the country.

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