Quiz Yourself on the Bank Swallow

Pack of #10 w seals

Each envelope in this set of 10 also includes a seal bearing a graphic silhouette of a bank swallow perched atop a branch. Click the image for details.

Warm weather has finally arrived in much of the country, and the higher temperatures are bringing a bonus: bank swallows! Even though it’s traditional to look for the first robin of springtime, in many places, swallows have been seen as the harbingers of the new season. In fact, an old proverb states, “One swallow does not a summer make.” But in some countries, the saying is a bit different—it’s actually worded, “One swallow doesn’t make a springtime.”

Whether you spot them in spring or summer, these acrobatic avians star on the new Bank Swallow stamped envelope, which was released in March. If you’d like to know more about these fascinating birds, try taking our bank swallow quiz. And just to add a twist, we’ll supply the answers. See if you can match each of the answers to the correct question. Ready?


1.  A foreclosure
2.  Four to five feet
3.  Riverbank
4.  As many as 89


A.  About how many other species of swallows can be found around the world?
B.  What is a flock of bank swallows called?
C.  What does the Latin name of the bank swallow, Riparia riparia, translate as?
(Hint: This is also one place that bank swallows like to nest).
D.  How long a burrow can a bank swallow dig?

The Bank Swallow Forever® stamped envelope is currently available at usps.com/stamps. Just search for “Bank Swallow.”

Answer key: 1=B,  2=D,  3=C,  4=A

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