How To: Decorating With Vintage Seed Packets

Are you feeling inspired by the incredible beauty of the Vintage Seed Packets stamps? Many decorators and crafters also find the gorgeous illustrations irresistible. Packets similar to those featured on the stamps are easily found on eBay and Etsy, or by doing a simple Internet search. Here are just a few of the inventive ways you can use them:

  • Pillows: The slightly faded image of vintage flowers on fabric makes a beautiful and one-of-a-kind throw pillow. You can create a garden effect by choosing several seed packets for your project and grouping the resulting pillows together on a chair or bench. There are numerous ways to transfer images to fabric, and YouTube has tutorials on several simple methods.
  • Framed art: Just like the art on the Vintage Seed Packets stamps, you’ll want the illustrations in your collection to complement one another. You can choose by color or the shape of the blossoms, or pick out the flowers that are your favorites. Flower illustrations seem like a natural fit for decorating bedrooms or living rooms, but the kitchen makes an ideal location for framed vegetable seed packets. Buy ready-made frames and mats at a craft store, and you have original and unique art for your walls
  • Decoupage: Seed packet art looks beautiful decoupaged on painted flowerpots or decorative tiles. Pinterest has a few examples of other decoupage projects, but you might already have your own project in mind. YouTube is a treasure trove of instruction on how to decoupage.


    Use this charming set of notecards to send garden party invitations and other fun correspondence The set includes 10 notecards and envelopes and 10 Vintage Seed Packets stamps. Click image for details.

  • Parties: Throw a spring garden party. Decorate the tables with clay pots filled with flowers, and use the vintage seed packets as part of the centerpiece. The packets would also be pretty as place cards or party favors.

Let your imagination run wild. And let us know the ways you found to use these vintage illustrations to make your world more beautiful.

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