Saving Lives, One Stamp at a Time

We all know that stamps can be beautiful, historic, and fun to choose and collect. But did you know that a special kind of stamp known as a semipostal allows you to lend a helping hand every time you mail a letter?

Semipostals are stamps that sell for a few pennies more than the going rate for First-Class postage. Those few extra cents are given to a good cause . . . and just like the pennies you might toss in a jar at the end of a day, they can quickly add up!


As you may know if you’ve spotted it in your mail lately, the Breast Cancer Research semipostal stamp is still for sale and going strong today. Click the image for details.

The first semipostal stamp ever issued by the U.S. Postal Service was the Breast Cancer Research stamp, which was dedicated in a ceremony at the White House on July 29, 1998. The colorful design, illustrated with rainbow hues of green, blue, yellow, and orange, features a simple line drawing of a mythological goddess of the hunt reaching behind her back to draw an arrow from her quiver. The words “Fund the Fight, Find a Cure” highlight the stamp’s purpose. The stamp was designed by art director Ethel Kessler, who is a breast cancer survivor.

The Breast Cancer Research stamp currently sells for 55 cents, which is 9 cents more than the cost of a regular First-Class stamp. During the month of September 2013 alone, the stamp raised more than $99,000. Since it was introduced, it has raised an amazing $77,628,062 for breast cancer research. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support and get your stamps today!

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About USPS Stamps

The Postal Service™ is proud of its role in portraying the American experience to a world audience through the issuance of postage stamps and postal stationery. Each year the Postal Service issues commemorative stamps reflecting subjects of national significance and appeal. More than 160 years of stamp development has yielded an incredible archive of imagery and commentary reflecting American culture and society. Even in this fast-changing world, stamps are still a versatile and convenient method of postage. And stamp collecting is a lifetime hobby that is fun and educational for all ages. Stamp collecting is easy to start without a big investment. It is also a great way to learn about the world and its many wonders, opening the door to an exciting universe of history, science, geography, the arts, technology, and sports. Our mission is to provide universal service that is prompt, reliable, efficient, affordable, and self-sustaining. Throughout its history the Postal Service has grown with the nation, binding it together by ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has the same ability to communicate regardless of technological change.